About Us

Let’s see how this goes. This is our first blog. We are  currently starting a non-profit buisiness to bring virtual schooling as a public school option to all of Maryland. We are a small group of parents who have experienced first hand the benefits of virtual schooling. Our mission is to advocate for alternate education, primarily virtual instruction, in the state of Maryland, and to make this accessible for all families. Our vision is to be the organization which breaks down the walls about alternate education, one brick at a time.

These are our goals:

 Emerging Minds of Maryland, Inc. affirms:


  1. Individuality of children

    • Because we celebrate the uniqueness of each child we are committed to options in education appropriate to the individual.


  1. Parental influence

    • Because we esteem the primary influence of parents we are committed to equipping them with the means to educate their children.


  1. Public School Affiliation

    • Because we value the benefits of public school we are committed to establishing a relationship with Maryland’s educational system.


  1. Virtual education

    • Because we exist in an information age we are committed to applying all available technology in our children’s education.


  1. Quality Vendors

    • Because we require the best innovations of pioneering education vendors we are committed to assurance of quality curriculums and staffing support


  1. Community partnership

    • Because we understand the strength of collaboration we are committed to partnering with local and national organizations, businesses and individuals.


  1. Integrity

    • Because we believe passionately in our mission we are committed to honor those partnering with us through good stewardship of the resources awarded to Emerging Minds of Maryland, Inc.

We are currently doing all the legalities in making our organization offical. We are looking for new members and sponsors to help us in this grassroots venture. If you would like to sponsor us in any way please contact us. We are in need of different vendors to supply us with T-shirts, pamphlets and other tools to help us reach our goals. If you believe in school choice please consider assisting us.



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  1. Judith said,

    Already following you on Twitter. Want to know what I can do to be involved with this.

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